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Firehouse Fitness and Nutrition utilizes an amazing app to offer personal training online. We design the workout geared toward your individual goal. You log on, track and interact with stats. Each workout allows you to see past personal records, goals and stats. Each exercise has a personal video to show you how to do it correctly. Emails, texts and video conferencing are part of this as well. It will be like having your own personal trainer for 1/3rd of the cost. 

Have a nutrition plan as worries it is part of your app as well. 

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Firehouse Fitness and nutrition offers online nutrition plans and online personal training. We tailor each meal and each workout to what you like to eat and do.  All of our staff is certified in Health Coaching, Personal Training and Sports Nutrition.  For more information on each service we offer please read below

Online Personal Training

Metabolic Rate Testing

Firehouse Fitness and Nutrition uses the Near Infrared Interactance (NIR) Futrex 5000 for assessing body fat. This system is based on the principles of light absorbtion , reflectance, and near infrared spectroscopy. To estimate body composition , a computerized spectrophotometer that has a scan and probe are used. The probe is placed onto a selected body site such as the biceps; it emitts an infrared light which passes through both fat and muscle and is reflected back to the probe. Subject data such as height, weight, sex, age, frame size and activity level are taken into consideration. This procedure is non-invasive. It does not require the individual to disrobe or be free of activities prior to the testing. 

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Firehouse Fitness and Nutrition plans are offered online. Each plan is tailored to the individual based on current stats, goals, allergies and health history. Weekly, daily monitoring by our Health Coach is provided. We currently offer several different meal plans including DASH, PALEO, Protein Focused, Balanced, Vegan/Vegetarian and Lactose-free. All meal plans come with a shopping list, size comparison list, swap list and recipes. Check it out today and start losing weight! Stack your plan with a metabolic test to lose even more weight! 

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These tests show precisely HOW MUCH YOU BURN ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. We now offer metabolic Testing that is a simple, 10 minute breath test. During the test, the air you breathe out is analyzed to determine exactly how much oxygen your body consumed. This is how your metabolic rate is measured. Once completed, your metabolic rate will be used to calculate your Target Caloric Zones. These Zones provide powerful information to help you lose weight. Your Zones will show you how to eat the MAXIMUM amount of food and still lose weight. Your body will be healthy, happy and satisfied. 

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Nutrition Plans

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